All cards of the cards shown below are dealt and draw from the same deck. Each of them has a different purpose and will have different impacts on the outcome of the game. Make sure to thoroughly shuffle the cards—especially when putting the discard pile back into play.

Persona Card

There are only 8 persona cards in the deck. When a player draws a persona card, it is played immediately by placing the card face up in from of any player. The player drawing the card can play it on any player, including themself. If the player receiving the card already has a persona card displayed, the new card replaces the old one and the old one is placed in the facedown discard pile.

Catastrophe Card

When a catastrophe card is played, you cross your fingers and you are not in the wrong place at the wrong time. Catastrophes happen and then we recover. The applies here. It may hurt for a turn or two, but this too will pass.

Destination Card

Destination cards will help a traveler reach their destination. The right destination card at the right time is what you want with each turn. Sometimes you will need to fly an alternative route, depending on what the deck holds in store for you.

Action Card

Anyone who has traveled knows that problems come up that will force you to vary from your plan. Overbookings, weather, mechanical problems, delays, and sometimes even the pilot is late. There are gremlins at work everywhere. An action card will through a wrench, sometimes literally, in your plans. They happen to everyone. It is best to be prepared for the worse and hope for the best.