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How does MAYHEM work?

Before the game begins, each player is dealt three MAYHEM cards — face down.

At the beginning of each turn, a player can choose to draw one MAYHEM card from the deck of face down cards. Before doing so, the player must discard one of the three MAYHEM cards they currently hold. This must be done BEFORE drawing a new card from the deck.

A player can only hold three MAYHEM cards at any time during the game.

CHAOS cards are action cards meant to shake things up. As their name says, they create chaos. CHAOS cards are played against another player.

BALANCE cards are action cards used to counter the play of a CHAOS card. In other words, they restore balance. A BALANCE card can be played for yourself or another player. The are always played immediately following the play of a CHAOS card.

KARMA cards are action cards that protect a player against chaos. KARMA cards are played face up in front of a player preventing other players from using a CHAOS card against them. One a KARMA card is played, it remains with the player for the remainder of the game and counts as one of their three MAYHEM cards.

MAYHEM Action Cards

Chaos cards can be played at any time during the game. You don’t have to wait for your turn and you don’t have to wait for the current player to finish their turn. Play a chaos card on any player at any time. No restrictions. The actions listed on the chaos card are taken immediately (unless a balance card is played to counter the chaos card.)

Balance cards are only played in response to a chaos card played against you. Immediately after a chaos card is played on you, you counter with a balance card. You do not have to play a balance card in your hand for yourself. You can play your balance card to counter a chaos card played on another player. Once a balance card is played, it is added to the MAYHEM discard pile.

Karma cards can be played at any time during the game. You cannot play a karma card to counter a chaos card played on you. If you have played a karma card that prevents against a chaos card, that chaos card cannot be played on you. When a karma card is played, it placed face-up in front of the player it was played for. You may play a karma card for any player, including yourself. Karma cards be discarded, but once played, they are in effect until the game ends.

MAYHEM cards are always played immediately after being drawn from the face-down cards. To play the card, place it face-up on the Monopoly® board where everyone can see it. Mayhem cards cannot be held in a player’s hand. Mayhem cards impact each player equally. Some are devastating, some are disruptive, and a few will influence the outcome of the game. No one knows when a mayhem card will appear. No point getting upset of letting it ruin your day. The mayhem card has been played. Deal with it!


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